Top 5 Best Brands Of Luggage Bags For Travel In India

Travelling has become one of the vital parts of everyone’s life. May it be for recreation or may it be for official purposes, every person needs to travel these days.

This calls for the selection of the perfect travel bag which can sustain all the travelling conditions and provide the necessary safety to the goods.

Everyone wants to pick best bags from top brands only so that they will last long and worth their money.We will provide some of the top brands in India when it comes to luggage bags to help you out with the selection process.


The following are some of the luggage brands which have a wide variety of bags available for every traveller in India.


American Tourister is one of the frontline brands that manufactures bags and luggage of unparalleled quality. The bags produced by American Tourister are highly durable and provide the best traveling experience to the customers.

It is always a charm to carry a stylish and elegant American Tourister backpack or duffle bag while traveling. American Tourister manufactures suitcases, strolleys, backpacks, duffle bags of high-quality material.

These products have to pass through handle tests, wheel test. Drop test, zipper test, tumble test and lock test before being released to the market. One can easily get American Tourister products from any of the retail stores or outlets.



Skybags have always incorporated the style and funky factor in all their products. It is the first Indian brand to manufacture printed polycarbonate luggage along with a variety of other products like trolleys, rucksacks, backpacks, duffels, laptop bags, and other travel accessories.

Skybags has risen from the highly trusted luggage brand VIP. The travellers carrying a Skybag with them tend to leave a style statement everywhere they visit.

These bags generally come with a warranty and can be easily purchased online and any of the luggage stores or retail outlets.


Down when Samsonite luggage was introduced in the market, travelling was reserved for a lucky handful of people. Since inception, Samsonite has maintained its quality in every aspect.

Samsonite has used to excellent craftsmanship to produce the best luggage bags in India. These bags are well designed for rugged use and also have the necessary style factor.

The range of products from Samsonite includes strolleys, duffle bags, suitcases, backpacks etc.

With an aim of becoming the highest regarded luggage and travel brand across the globe, Samsonite has never compromised with the quality and features of its products. Samsonite bags can be bought online or from the outlets at attractive prices.


Innovation has been the driving factors behind VIP bags producing trendy and high-quality luggage in India. VIP is one of the most trusted and oldest travel brands of the country and VIP still impresses the customers with its line of products.

It would not be wrong to say that VIP has been responsible for the face lift of the luggage industry in India.

The company manufactures all travel products and accessories and ensures that all these products meet the customer demands. The VIP products can be bought from all e-commerce sites like and also from outlets.


One of the most trusted names in the Indian luggage industry, Safari has been producing luggage bags meeting every demand of the Indian travellers since its inception.

Safari bags are highly durable and are strongly built. These bags keep up with the latest fashion trends and make travelling fun. The Safari bags can be bought from online shopping sites and from retail outlets as well.


The travellers can choose from a wide variety of bags produced by the above-listed companies. These bags cater to every need of the travellers and are highly durable.

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